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Our politicians often lie. Too often. They often fail to deliver on their promises. Too often.

Our planet has no voice but ours. Our EU friends living in the UK have no vote but ours. To those who feel ignored and stonewalled, this is our song.

Stop Another Windrush

No matter your views on Brexit, we can agree that the aim was not to leave 5 million people in limbo. The3million is the largest campaign organisation working with MPs and MEPs to protect the rights of EU27 citizens in the UK, and UK nationals in the EU.

The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup aims to clean up 90% of ocean plastic pollution by removing waste from rivers and oceans. They are making an immediate and measurable improvement to the health of our planet. And we can play a small part to help.

If we don't hold our leaders accountable, who will? If not now, when?

When people rise up together, leaders listen. We've seen how Extinction Rebellion have stopped cities across the world and now the climate crisis is part of our political debate. We're in a time of protest globally because we need change. We're not desperate. We're defiant. Together we sing, “We have a voice and will be heard”. This is our song.

We need responsible leaders who will act with integrity for all people and our shared planet. We're done with lies and oppression. We're done with the devastation. We need politicians to make hard choices for the future instead of crafting myopic and misleading soundbites whilst cocooning themselves away from criticism. Our story isn't over. There is a better ending.

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